Stop Looking Back, You‘re in the Right Path


Lately I meet someone who claims that she has gone through a bad life before. And because of that, she tends to think that she is not good enough to deserve certain things.  I think actually this problem is quite common for those who has the same experience as her.

The problem is that kind of thought will build walls surrounding themselves from keep advancing to become good persons. They will think that they are not suit to give advises to others because of their pass. That is totally not true!

Whatever we’ve done in pass, it is true that it can’t be undone, but we can make up for it. Once Allah SWT has given us His guidance (Hidayah) to us, that’s it, it’s our queue to start a new life and become good.

If we think back on what Caliph Umar al Khattab had experienced in his life. We know that before he reverted to Islam, he was mean and vicious. He even killed her on young daughter because he was feeling shame for having a daughter instead of a son. And he even declare that he want to kill the Prophet SAW.

But after Allah SAW gave him His guidance, he has become one of the best Muslims ever lived in this world. He was one of the Prophet’s right hands, and he even became the second caliph. Did he ever say he was not good enough to become a caliph because of his past? Did he become a pessimist that he didn’t deserve what he had became because of his past? No!

There are some people who already born in a good Muslim family, that really practice the Islamic teaching. But they are also people who Allah SWT had chosen to be born in utterly different condition. And Allah SWT is al-Adl, The Most Just, Allah will give chances for those to turn back to Him.

Allah SWT will give His guidance in many ways to help us to understand the true meaning of being a Muslim, to understand the true nature of Muslim. Yes, the true nature of Muslim. We might be brought up in bad condition surrounding us, Jahiliyyah environment. But deep inside ourselves as human, we all have the same nature, to become a good person, to worship the true God, to bid to our Creator.

As all of you might see what happen in the third Ice Age movie, Ice Age: The Dawn of Dinosaurs, Sid (a sloth) has “adopts” three apparently abandoned eggs that he finds in an icy underground cavern and call them Eggbert, Shelly, and Yoko. His friend tells him to put them back, but Sid instead looks after the eggs, which hatch into baby Dinosaur the next morning.

He then raises those dinosaur babies like a sloth way of life. Until one day the real mother of those babies came and took all of them, and teaches them the true ways of dinosaur. Did those babies refuse to follow her mother and want to become sloth? No, because they already understand their nature as dinosaur.

Just like some of us, we have been brought up by Sloth environment, but one day, Allah destined us to meet our Dinosaur mother and she teach us the true way of becoming a dinosaur, to eat meat instead of vegetables, to roar instead of growl and others, should we fell we didn’t deserve to eat meat and roar because innocently we were brought up in sloth environment? No! We deserve to be a good dinosaur! I mean, a good Muslim.

So, let set in our mind that no matter how bad we lived our pass, we deserve to be GOOD MUSLIM! Then I say to you, “stop looking back, you‘re in the right path!”


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