Your Experience Might be the Great Pearl for Others


I’ve come across some people whom are quite private. They don’t favor in expressing themselves and share their stories to others. Well, at some point, I respect their personal view and perspective, however, I do like to encourage them to do the opposite.

The idea is I always believe that each and every one of us has our own unique experiences, and those experiences build our characters and make what we are today. We learn through experiences. And as human who has limitation, we don’t have all the time to experience every single things in this world, and sometime, there are things that occurs only at certain duration of time, if one do not experience it, that’s it, no more chance for him or her.

And this is why we should express ourselves and share our experiences with others. To let people learn from what you’ve experienced before and to learn from what they’ve experienced before. Admit it, we do have to rely to each other because of our limitation, and that is why some people have a good understanding for some part of life, while other on the other parts. And sharing experiences will help us understanding each other differences and create a learning community.

For those who always questioned themselves, “why should I have Facebook or blog? Why should people know what have I done?” My answer is, let’s take a look at the last wife of Prophet Muhammad SAW, Aisyah. She did share her life story with the prophet to others. Why did she do that? Because she knew that she had to share it for the benefit of ummah, so that people can learn from her experiences. She is one of the people who narrated very big number of hadiths.

That is why, you might think that there is nothing big in your daily life, but we never know how much we can affect the world just by express yourselves, and share your story to others. So start expressing yourselves, and then I’ll say to you, “your experience might be the great pearl for others”. For the ummah, for the world. Insha’Allah.


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